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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Terra Mater (Mother Earth) Ormus Oceanis - is made from the Cederberg Mountains water, Dead Sea Minerals, Ancient Khalahari Desert Salt, Himalayan Rock Salt and Atlantic Ocean Salt.


Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Q: What is Ormus?
Please click here to visit the "What is Ormus" page.

Q: Why is your Ormus expensive?
A: Our Ormus is very special. We only use top ingredients and the purest of substrates on the planet we can find. One can only make top quality Ormus by hand in small batches with the highest quality ingredients. Machine and Bulk manufactured Ormus has no healing properties. We don't know why that is the case.  It takes anything from 15 to 25 days with constant monitoring to make a single batch. Our mineral base salts, specialised glass bottles, MIRON GLASS, manufactured in Germany and myler bags (packaging) are imported.  The water we use for the substrate solution comes from the Cedarberg Mountains near Citrusdal in the Western Cape. This is a crystal clear pure natural live water. This water aids the healing properties of our Ormus. We only use Laboratory Grade Sodium Hydroxide, sterilised Aqua Purificata B.P. (sterile Pharmaceutical Grade Distilled Water) in the wash process. We wash our Ormus at least ten times. This wash water comes at a  very high price and each wash is done by hand. We also import Dead Sea minerals used as substrate from a trusted source and this mineral salt is 100% pure and taken from a very clean area at the Dead Sea in Israel.  Further we extract the Ormus from the minerals from ancient (from pre-historic salt lakes) deposits Khalahari Desert Salt, ancient Himalayan Mountain Rosk Salt as well as from natural saltpans situated in the Atlantic Ocean. We try our very best to keep our Ormus affordable, but due to fluctuating currency exchange rates we are regrettably unable to control the price.

The crystal clear unpolluted pure live water we use in our Ormus comes from the Cedarberg Mountains, Western Cape, South Africa (picture)

cedarberg mountains

Below: The Dead Sea where minerals are harvested.


Below the Natural Atlantic Ocean Salt Pan Marais Salant where Atlantic Salt is being harvested.


Below: A Salt mine in the Himalayan Mountains:

himalayan saltmine

Below a Khoisan Man (The World's Oldest Tribe)  walking on an ancient Salt Deposit in the Khalahari Desert in South Africa


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Q: What can be expected after taking Ormus?
Please find some information below: 

  • Ormus is unlike any other medicine or supplement you have taken before. It works on the atomic level and affects people differently.

  • While we cannot substantiate some of the information, many people claim that Ormus seems to bind with the ‘Aura’ or a person's unique virbration.

  • They say it is intelligent and would want you to uncover the bottle from the foil and hold it close to your heart for about 30 seconds to a minute while visualising the illness going away and thinking about Ormus curing the illness or problem. 

  • Many people claim Ormus needs to be attuned to your specific body frequency and vibration.

  • When you first use Ormus, you may feel tired, fee a sense of dizziness and or may even feel heart palpitations in the beginning. Should the effect be adverse, half the dosage. The body must be made used to Ormus as it’s a very powerful substance.

  • Some people claim they hear a hissing or “hu” sound in their ears. This is not at all an irritation such as tinnitus.

  • It is for the reasons above that we suggest easing into the usage by starting with small dosages at first.

  • All or most of the side-effects should diminish or subside in about two weeks.

  • One should at least take Ormus for a month to be able to tell the difference.

  • It affects older people far more dramatically than younger people. In some cases relief from pain is almost immediate or after a few days use.

  • Almost everybody says that it has improved their lives considerably.

  • It is wise to take Ormus at least an hour before or an hour after meals and/or prescribed medication.

  • Most of all, keep an open mind. Remember that we all evolve, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

Alchemists say “Ormus is in everything. It flows through everything and carries the 'life force'”.

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Q: People say that the white milky liquid in Terra Mater is nothing more than Magnesium Hydroxide and Calcium, How do you respond to that?

A. We wish to quote a long-standing expert on the subject, Mr Barry Carter, who says:

"There is strong evidence that visible substance (white milky suspension) is not ORMUS/ORME.
You cannot see a single atom or diatom. I'm convinced that what we
see is the clathrate cage (molecular box) that the ORMUS/ORME is
hiding out in. David Hudson claimed that his substances would assay
as iron, silica, aluminum or calcium at different stages of
purification or conversion. This is evidence that the clathrate
cages, that they were in, is what is showing in the assay. This is
why I prefer to say that the sea water precipitate "contains" ORMUS
rather than that it "is" ORMUS.

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Q: How much is in a bottle of Terra Mater Ormus and how long will it last me?

A: We ship 2 (two) bottles of 100ml (thus 200ml) suspension at a single order. It is blue cobalt glass or Miron Glass - depends which batch your product will be coming from.  Should you use Ormus for preventative and/or restorative purposes - we suggest taking half to a full teaspoon full a day. One bottle should last you between 20 and 40 days. But we are of the opinion that 200ml if used according to prescribed dosage, should last you at least 40 days.  Should you be suffering from acute condition, we suggest you take up to two teaspoons full a day. This means you will need to order two batches (400ml) at a time at least. 

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Q Why do you supply your Ormus in such small bottles?

A: We store Terra Mater Ormus in small bottles for safety reasons and due ot the fact that it packs easier and to limit breakage while in transit. Also, it is easier to protect the contents from radiation etc.


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Q. What is the use of Minerals and a Mineral Supplement?

A: Dating back to the beginning of the last century, mineral depletion in our soils, and thus in the food we eat, has been horrendous -- and it has gotten much worse in recent decades, as we strip the top eight feet of soil throughout the world of the vital major minerals and up to 80 trace minerals that man has adapted to for thousands of years and which are needed for optimum health.

"You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." - Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/023237_minerals_health_soil.html#ixzz3bMbJHnnY


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Q: After taking Ormus, when will I start seeing results?

A: Ormus affects different people differently and improvement is usually dependent on the severtity of the the condition or disease. While most people report an improvement after two weeks, the time of how long it will take for an improvement to be noticed remains uncertain.

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Q: Why is Ormus contraindicated for Epilepsy?

 A: We have contraindicated the use of Ormus by people who suffer from Epilepsy as we have a single report that a person who consumed Ormus had an epileptic seizure the same night after consuming Ormus. We are aware that Ormus work and does repairs on both the electric and magnetic systems of the body and we have too little or no information on the effect of Ormus on Epilepsy. We have contraindicated Ormus for this one reason only. This does not mean that Ormus may not work for people suffering from Epilepsy.

There are reports on the Internet that Ormus eases the symptoms of Epilepsy but a generalisation is dangerous and should not be assumed.

Here are some links referring to the subject of Ormus for Epilepsy:




Our Advice:

Should you suffer from Epilepsy and you wish to experiment with Ormus - we suggest that you be with your loved-ones or close friend when consuming Ormus during the first two weeks.

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