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We are an Ormus Supplier in South Africa

We are a small South African company specialising in a few business ventures. Ormus Production is just one of our products as its prohibited to import any type of metalurgical medicine chemical to South Africa. We produce a high quality Ormus in small quantities for people who would want to use it.

During 2015 a business owner, having had a family bereavement,  tried to order Ormus from abroad for another family member who were suffering from a number of illnesses due to old age. The order was stopped and destroyed by the SA Postal Services shortly after it arrived in the country, citing that it was a medication of which the import was prohibited by SA Medicines Control Laws.

In many instances we in South Africa are prohibited to import any form of  medicine or medicinal chemical

The businessman then invested a substantial sum to manufacture Ormus in his own laboratory.
Terra Mater Minerals was born and today
WE USE THE PUREST OF INGREDIENTS to produce a top quality Ormus.

We suggest reading and educating oneself before consuming Ormus. Click here: Consuming Ormus

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